The mission of the Vermont State School Nurses Association is to advance the specialty of school nursing through excellence in education, research and practice to optimize student health and learning.


To be the premier leading resource for Vermont School Nurses caring for children and their families.


  • To operate exclusively as an educational organization on a nonprofit basis; to promote and advance the quality of school health services and health education throughout the State of Vermont.
  • To encourage school nurses to serve as a resource person in the area of health to educators and other personnel; to promote activities for the improvement of comprehensive health education.
  • To assist members in obtaining and maintaining high professional school nurse practices within the total school program under the administrative direction of the superintendent and principal of the school or schools to which the nurse is assigned.
  • To provide and to encourage its members to pursue continuing Education.
  • To inform and advise members on matters that have a critical bearing on the professional status in relation to state nursing standards, laws and regulations.
  • To cooperate with other professional organizations, civic groups, and community agencies for the improvement of provision of health services for school children.
Claire Molner, Ann Bannister, Sharonlee Trefry