The Vermont State School Nurses' Association (VSSNA) has agreed that members of the association must belong to both VSSNA and the National Association of School Nurses, Inc. (NASN).  

Membership dues are collected and managed at NASN's national headquarters.

View the FAQ for prospective members for answers to question you may have.

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All major credit cards are accepted. Use the online form to start a new membership or re-start a lapsed membership.

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Print a membership application. Send the application with the purchase order or check to NASN, 1100 Wayne Avenue, Suite 925, Silver Spring, MD 20910 - FAX: 301-585-1791. Contact if you have questions.

Vermont State School Nurses Association

National Association of School Nurses

Membership Classifications


To be eligible for Active membership, a person must: be a registered professional nurse; meet the criteria for state certification or licensure as a school nurse if mandated certification or licensure exists; be primarily assigned to the administration, education or the provision of school health services; and be eligible for Active membership in the state school nurse association, if one exists.
Active members shall be entitled to exercise full membership rights.  


A licensed nurse who serves with the primary assignment, the administration, education, or the provision of school health services, or a licensed nurse employed by NASN, but who is not eligible for Active membership, may be an Associate member.  
Associate members shall not vote or hold office in NASN.


To be eligible for student membership, a person must be enrolled in a professional nursing program to meet requirements to become a school nurse, or be a student not currently a nurse in a professional nursing program.  Student members must submit proof of enrollment in a professional nursing program with the membership form.  Persons who have completed the requirements to be a school nurse but are pursuing further education shall not be eligible for student membership.  Student membership may not exceed past five years.  Student members shall not vote or hold office in NASN.


Any Active or Associate member shall, upon retirement, be eligible to become a retired member upon notification to NASN.  Any retired member who desired to remain in the Active membership classification shall be required to pay full Active dues.  Retired members shall not vote or hold office in NASN.