District Representatives

District Representatives are appointed/elected by each district by its members prior to the annual meeting in the election year (Article IX) to support the Board of Directors.


  • Serve as liaison between the Board of Directors and district members;
  • Attend each Board of Directors' meeting, or be responsible for an alternate to attend; (Board meetings are 5 times during the school year)
  • Follow protocol as outlined in the job description

New Districts Assigned May 2021!

The VSSNA districts are aligned with those already grouped by Local Health Offices and assigned to School Nurse Liaisons -- this allows each district will more organically choose a representative. Unsure what district your school is part of? Take a look at this list to find your district.

Directory of District Representatives

District 1 Representative: Vacant

District 2 Representative: Kerry Farrell, MPH, BSN, RN

District 3 Representative: Haysal Jones, BSN, RN, NCSN

District 4 Representative: Amy Ridlon, MPH, BSN, RN

District 5 Representative: Vacant

District 6 Representative: Mary Ann Runge, BSN, RN

District 7 Representative: Vacant

District 8 Representatives: Jane Glick, BSN, RN and Katie Burke, BSN, RN
jglick@vssna.org -- kburke@vssna.org

District 9 Representatives: Becca Simon, MSM, BSN, RN and Chantelle Safford, ASN, RN, CPN
rsimon@vssna.org -- csafford@vssna.org

District 10 Representative: Elsa Ingpen, DNP, FNP

District 11 Representative: Vacant

District 12 Representative: Charlotte Varney, MS, BSN, RN