Town Hall Package for up to 10 CEUs

Starts:  Oct 27, 2022 16:00 (ET)
Ends:  Apr 6, 2023 17:30 (ET)

7 Town Halls for 10 CEUS - Package now open for registration

Town Halls will be offered as a package of 7 Town halls for up to 10 CEU credits. * Participants must be present for at least half of a presentation to receive credit. $5 for VSSNA Members  OR  $150 for non-members. All registrations are final . There are no refunds.

October 27—Free Resources and Services—Sarah Levin-Lederer, MPH, Network of National Library of Medicine  4-5:30 pm
November 10—Pediatric Dermatology 4-5:30 pm
December 8—Asthma: How to Guide Families around Re-evaluation—Pediatric Pulmonology 4-5:30 pm
January 12— Vision and Hearing Screenings 4-5 pm
February 9— Pediatric Neurology: Seizures and Epilepsy 4-5:30 pm
March 9-EMTs: Pediatric Trauma Hand Off 4-5:30 pm
April 6—Infectious Bugs: Tick, Bed Bugs, Lice, Etc. 4-5:30 pm


Dial-in Instructions:
Online Instructions:
Login: A zoom link will be sent to those who register for the Town Hall Package prior to each presentation.


Rebecca McCray