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  • VSSNA Annual Membership Meeting

    May 20, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (ET)
    Hello School Nurses of Vermont!  As the secretary of the VSSNA, I am writing to let you know about our Spring Annual VSSNA Members Meeting which will take place on Thursday, May 20th, 2021 via Zoom. While the meeting is open to all School Nurses, only members of the VSSNA/NASN will be able to vote on agenda items. One of the agenda items for the annual meeting are elections. We need to elect and vote on officers for VSSNA and we also need more school nurses who are willing to share their talents to help our organization continue to thrive in non-officer roles. Our current board believes that school nurses are a resilient and creative population, and we hope that you might be inspired to  volunteer your personal gifts to the VSSNA so that we all might be stronger together.  Per our Bylaws, nominations for officer elections were submitted in writing at least two months prior to the annual meeting date for our March Board meeting. Other positions at VSSNA, we would love anyone with a talent and desire to volunteer for are as follows: Informatics Webmaster  Public Relations Chair Legislative Chair  District Representatives - Please see our website to see a map of the districts and identify what district you are a part of: http://vssna.org/district- reps.html . Per our Bylaws: A representative(s) to the Board of Directors shall be appointed/elected by each district by its members prior to the annual meeting in the election year.  Where might you be able to bring your talents to VSSNA to grow our professional organization? We hope to create a better communication network as well as a stronger platform for other stakeholders in the state to better understand school nursing. No matter how big or small a role you take on, ultimately it is our whole team that makes things happen for the school nurses in our state. We appreciate ALL contributions no matter how big or small, we appreciate the special talents you are willing to share! Every voice matters! ANNUAL MEETING WARNING Annual Meeting will occur May 20, 2021 at 4:00 pm via Zoom.  Agenda: 1. Election of Nominated persons for Officer Positions For President Elect: Kelly Landwehr For Secretary: Amy Ridlon For Treasurer: Mary Ann Rung 2. Budget Approval 3. Other Business Please Register in advance for this meeting: https://zoom.us/meeting/ register/tJUvdumsqj8rHtGTEZQ_ GjfH38hgV98eZtEw Warm regards, Kelly Landwehr, MSN, RN VSSNA Secretary